Spreading Goodness…

Hello ๐Ÿ™‚

Countless times are we walking around the streets, being transported on public transit, or are in any other social setting when we suddenly see this one person who catches our eyes. Whether it is because of their looks, because of an action they did, for example helping someone, or simply because they emit some kind of contagious energy, which is saying a lot, especially when this happens on public transportation systems, there is still something in them which draws a positive thought to our minds. But having these thoughts in our heads is simply not enough, for what is in there will be lost as soon as we think about something else. Which is why the best thing to do is simply to go up to that person and tell them.

Straight up. No hesitation. Honesty is the key.

There is no need to be afraid to do so, because what is the worse that can happen?? They look at you a little confused, mutter a quick thank you, and awkwardly walk away. Doesn’t sound quite that bad, does it?? Now imagine if that happened to you…how would you feel?? All I know, is that if it happened to me, it would completely make my day, and plaster a big smile over my face, and may perhaps lead to an interesting conversation with the person who had the courage to walk up to me. So when thoughts like that cross your mind, just walk up to the person and do it!!!

Oh, and also, it is crucially important to acknowledge the people working in the service industry, because they are not merely objects meant to…well…service us, but are actually human beings, who like to be recognized as such. So say hello to the bus driver, ask the waiter how he is doing, thank the cashier when she gives you your money back, do not just ignore them because it is their job to do certain things for you.

All humans deserve some recognition, and you can never know when such a simple gesture can have a lasting effect on a person.

It sure won’t do them any harm!! And neither will it to you, you might…actually you definitely will…feel good with yourself after having done something like that!! Furthermore, you may never know if that person absolutely needed to hear something like that because they were lost inside a dark cloud which suddenly got a little brighter.

This is not to say that you should always go up to others and tell them what you think about them, since, inevitably, it will sometimes be negative or mean, and those sort of comments are usually best left untold. If you believe in karma, then spreading negativity will only draw bad things to you, whereas doing good and saying good will make it more likely for positive things to happen to you!! It’s worth a shot, don’t you think?? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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2 thoughts on “Spreading Goodness…

  1. All the words you've committed and I read since the beginning of your project/blog which I enjoy dearly, I want to say it warms my heart and soul to feel immense humanity in those words… Your mind body trek theme is quite relevant to the actual condition of our society for if we forget ourselves how can we remember life and how to live it…

    I for one know, not just believes, that we are all unique ones, with each our differences (would be boring otherwise) We are one.

    Forecast, looking forward to a major brainstorm, only partly rational with good chance of hilarity! ;'))


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