Life and Reality (Part 1): Apathy

Hello 🙂

It all begins right there, in your bed, every morning, of everyday, for your whole life. You wake up. You come back to the conscious world. You stay there for 5 more minutes, trying to lose yourself in your dreamworld again, knowing very well that you shouldn’t. You have things to do today. Important things. But you just want to stay in bed a little longer, and so you doze off again. It’s ok, because you don’t work today, you don’t have anywhere to be. Even on days you do have to be somewhere, dragging yourself out of bed remains a difficult challenge. And in your head, all you think about is: “What’s the point anyways…”, “There are so many things I should do, but I simply do not feel like it…”, “Does it really matter if I just skip out on everything today??”, etc. Welcome to Apathy.

Apathy is a sneaky feeling, for it can take possession of us when we least expect it, and overcoming it is very challenging. What are we to do, when all we can do seems uninteresting and irrelevant?? Sure, there are many things that we should be doing, but that doesn’t mean we want to do them. We can force ourselves to do them, but without interest or motivation, we will only get through them slowly, and haphazardly.  This usually leads to poor results, which will then discourage us even more. Some use a self-built routine to get themselves out of it, preferring to plunge back into “reality”, rather than following what they feel, which is a good way to avoid the problem, without facing it. Others, who are more feeling-driven, may, with enough willpower, decide to not let themselves feel that way, and will force themselves up and out the door, only so that they won’t “waste” more of their lives. Then there are those who do not have a routine to keep them going, and lack the willpower to overcome their feelings.

They are the ones nailed in bed when apathy comes over. They are the ones who would rather escape the “reality” of life, so that they can simply live in their own little world, far from responsibilities, far from demands, far from all that seems boring and uninteresting, lost in their own space. It seems so easy to just separate oneself from reality and to live in one’s own head, but is that really the solution to overcoming apathy?? Letting oneself sink deeper and deeper into it won’t resolve anything, because the greater the divide between yourself and the rest of the world, the harder it will be to cross it, and come back to “reality”.

I do not have the solution to overcome apathy, but all I know is that we should just keep on moving forward…cutting oneself off from the outside world is never the solution, and will never make us find interest and motivation again. Perhaps the key is simply to keep going, until we feel a little better, constantly moving forward, by which ever way we settle on. We just have to keep pushing, forcing ourselves out of this headspace. And once we manage to, there is a whole new set of problem facing us. The next one: What is this “reality” to which we have to come back??

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