Why Bubbles Matter…

Hello 🙂

Even though they may be as ephemeral as drawings in the sand, we still love those fleeting moments where we get to escape the anguish of reality. We all have our own way; some like dancing, some like drinking, some like reading, or simply being with friends. These are the moments where nothing else matters, than what is happening right now. Just like traveling, they keep us focused on the present, rather than getting lost in the past or the future, because there is always something going on.

Bubbles matter because they allow us to escape the dread of routine, giving us something to look forward to, something new or special. Which is also why it is important to not incorporate them into said routine, for fear of having them become usual, something we get used to, which makes them lose their magic. Bubbles are inherently fragile and fleeting, which is also why they are so precious.

It is of no importance that we know they won’t last forever, quite the opposite, it is crucial for them to remain special, so we get to appreciate them fully. Occasionally, those bubbles can turn sour, but that is only a matter of perception, for we are ultimately in total control of whether we want to remember only the good things that happened during those few precious moments, or keep focusing on what could have happened, or what is not happening.

Another marvellous part of those bubbles is that no matter what actually happens, in the end, it does not matter, because we will still go back to the same reality we tried to escape for a little while, so might as well leave with a smile once the bubble bursts, so that we don’t ruin the momentary escape. Blow bubbles and keep them magical, it provides an amazing relief from everyday life. Make it an adventure, and enjoy it fully.

Until next time,



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