The Connection…

Hello 🙂

It’s strange when you think about it, this connection we create with others. I mean, other than our family (and even then sometimes), we are not “forced” to get close to anyone walking around, we could spend our whole life not creating any connections and well…no one would care. Except ourselves, of course, since we are always with us. That doesn’t seem like a very interesting life though, not talking to anyone, not making new friends or finding a lover, nothing like that, just ourselves in our head. But a situation like that occurring for a long period of time is rather unlikely, because interactions just jump at you on every street corner, or in every store/place you go to.

But then, what leads us to have certain connections with certain people?? Yeah, just talking to someone is not a very hard thing to do, and it happens quite often, but only rarely leads to something more developed, a friendship for example, or an intimate encounter. So what is this connection we create anyways?? I must admit, I do not know what it could be, or how it appears. Sometimes friendships just spring up because you have to spend a lot of time somewhere, and you just happened to talk to someone, and talk with them again once you meet the time after. That’s how it is in classrooms. How then do you continue from there, to form a stronger connection, moving from simply being acquaintances to being friends??

The beauty of our friends, is that we can choose them…but do we really?? Sometimes the universe simply unfolds in a way to bring certain people around, and we are just the agents being smart enough to hook on to those people, creating our own little world as a group. But this leads us to discussing groups, which will have to wait for another time. To come back to the idea of connection, it just seems like a really strange phenomenon, which people experience in their everyday lives, but isn’t always as easy to understand as you might believe. Having connections with others leads to a whole new set of problems, but at the same time, not having any is extremely detrimental to someone’s well-being. So connections are simply invisible strings, holding us together with the people we’re most comfortable with, bringing with them a whole paraphernalia of unexpected pleasures and pains.

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