Needle in the Wall…

Hello 🙂

Did you ever sit behind a door and wonder what was going on behind it?? Trying to guess, never quite making it out, always uncertain, until you go check it out….but by then, it’s already long gone. If you’re lucky, you might be able to deduce what happened afterwards, but it is not always the case, leaving the sound a mystery for the ages. As dramatic as that sounds, it is also the beauty of it. Ah, the puzzling unknown, how we could marvel at it forever…and indeed we do quite frequently, for this is how we learn the best. Yet, we can still never know, for once we do, it is not unknown, the truth having stolen away the endless possibilities of the unknown. But can we ever really know?? That is another question which may stick around for a while, so I won’t try to answer it here. One thing remains though, we cannot know the unknown, for once we do, it is now known, and therefore not unknown.

This is also why superstitions are so marvellous, and laughable at the same time. We can never fully know if they are actually the case, but at the same time we could never dismiss them completely. The occult always had a powerful place in human evolution, even now we still dream of being superheroes or being able to use magic. Is there perhaps some kind of universal energy we could tap in and shape as we please?? Or maybe some benevolent and omnipotent entity which could help us from time to time?? Just as when we believe we may know what was actually going on behind the door, we can never fully be certain, so much of that belief is based on faith. Big parts of our lives are based on faith though, e.g. we have faith in our government, we have faith in the doctors’ diagnosis, we have faith in money, we sometimes even have faith in the future. But insofar as we know, everything could potentially be a lie, yet we like to believe the contrary. Nevertheless, in order for faith to be present, the unknown must also be there. Such delight…

The unknown opens a wide net of possibilities, leaving us dreaming about whichever could be true, but without ever actually knowing. As a small anecdote, I used to live in an apartment where the was a 10cm needle sticking in the living room wall when we moved in. It looked like a sewing needle, albeit a very long one, and was clearly not deep enough to support any kind of picture on the wall. So we wondered, the most popular theory being that it was supporting the whole building, and pulling it out would making it collapse. Or that a rip in the fabric of the universe could happen and we would get sucked in. Seriously, who puts a giant needle in their wall?? As we moved out one year after, the needle was still in the wall, and so the mystery remains.

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