The Disconnection (Teaser)…

Hello 🙂

There is a new ailment plaguing our modern world, which spreads more and more to our younger generations, for the moment they come into this world, they are subjected to two completely different realities. On the one hand, there is the so-called “real” world, which basically is everyday life; here people meet each other, work, and function normally. On the other hand, there is the virtual reality brought to us by the marvellous world of the internet, in which we can delve into, whether we have a productive purpose or are only looking to waste some time. The distinction between the two worlds is, or at least can be seen as, a very common one, namely that between the body and the mind. We live in a physical reality, in which we use our physical bodies to navigate and interact, while the reality of the internet is one that has to do mainly with our heads, what we see, what we focus on, and so on. Our physical body only serves as an intermediary connection for us to be able to access this virtual reality.

Being a student, working a lot on the computer, or even just spending a lot of time on the internet causes our mind to kinda lose itself in that world, disconnecting us, so to say, from the physical reality surrounding us. This disconnection is not frequently apparent , for we usually have access to the internet in order to escape the real world, so we don’t have the time to realize that we are indeed disconnected. Yet, as life will have it, sometimes circumstances make it such that we are thrown out of the virtual world without easy access to it, which may leave us feeling lost and alone. Being always lost in it, we don’t notice the effects it has on us, but when we are cut from it, there is the danger of falling into internet-withdrawal, which is a feeling of disconnection.

This disconnection is simply portrayed as not feeling that anything matters, while boredom takes one over, while simultaneously taking away the envy to do anything. Time just flies so fast in the internet, that everything suddenly seems too long, and even a weekend may look like an eternity. This effect of disconnection is even worse when it happens during one’s routine life, because then there might not be any novelty to take one’s mind off of it. There are ways to ground oneself when disconnection occurs, which might help against this bad state of mind. But grounding oneself is not always an easy feat, for the issue of disconnection is a profound one. Since this was just a teaser, I’ll stop here, and develop the disconnection some more later on.

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