Why Alcohol….

Hello 🙂

Today’s topic is probably quite familiar to most of us, despite it entailing a deeper meaning that is usually ascribed to is. The topic is indeed, alcohol. Alcohol has be around for countless millennia, has deep roots in the history of most people having lived on our planet, and is even still today extravagantly popular amongst individuals of all ages. Young people seek the thrill behind it, not having been allowed to drink until 16, 18, or even 21, the legal age changing with cultures. Middle-aged people came to enjoy it, not using it for partying, just like the elderly, making it more a matter of refined taste.

Western society glorifies alcoholic beverages in most contexts, but especially when attending social events of any kind, even if this only means going to a bar on friday. The effects of alcohol are well known, ranging from a lowered inhibition, to a lack or motor-control, heading to increased violent behaviour or drowsiness. If the quantity of alcohol ingested is too high, the individual might throw up, clearing his system from it, though some people won’t have that natural reflex, and could very well die from alcohol poisoning. Yet, despite all these seemingly negative side effects, it is still one of the only psychoactive substances which can be legally acquired.

This begs the following question: why only alcohol?? There are numerous other psychoactive substances which do not possess the same kind of effects associated with, which may even be more pleasant, and less conducive to violence, like cannabis for example. Instead of making its users aggressive, it brings about a feeling of happiness and relaxation, and one cannot die from smoking or eating too much cannabis. The answer as to why we are only legally allowed to indulge in alcohol is perhaps that it dumbs its users down, making them forget all the pain, clouding their minds, in order to disable their “unorthodox” thinking. Another reason might simply be that the lowered inhibition is meant as a relief from everyday conformity, where we must behave in a certain way, allowing us to blame alcohol for the acts of our repressed passions. Maybe it is time to rethink our way of socializing and entertaining ourselves, while still entering another way to perceive the world around us.



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