The Futility of the Meta World and why it matters…

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A widely overlooked aspect of our world is all that which concerns the Meta World, the world beyond (meta literally means after or beyond in greek) our everyday empirical evidence and observations. The Meta World on the contrary deals mainly with abstractions, for it is meant to push explanations further than just how they work, but also why they work like that. For example, meta-ethics is concerned with what it takes for a theory to be properly called a moral theory, more than what the various kinds of moral theories are, just like metaphysics is concerned with the underlying explanation of why the physical phenomena work together (if they do) the way they do.

Indeed, everything related to the Meta World deals exclusively with the abstract, for it is all theories and suppositions. Nothing tangible can ever come from it, since the purpose of its being is exactly to go beyond what we believe and come up with sensical explanation. So when it really boils down to it, the Meta World is made out of stories which are marvelously well tied together, so much so that we may even take them for accounts of the truth. Nevertheless, they are still stories, and thus may succomb to incoherence or falsehood at any time, given the large amount of variables in those story. It would be futile to hold too strongly onto any of those stories, since we can never know if they are true or not.

Yet, despite it being completely abstract and forever unknown to us, the Meta World still has the benefice of expanding our horizon of intellectual inquiery, beyond what we perceive through our senses. But its value lies precisely in this idea that we take whatever we pushed to the abstract back into our tangible world, our reality. If we do not do so, then all the information in the Meta World is wasted since it will forever float in the hidden abstractions of every one of us. It is this reciprocity which makes it matter, and it is only possible through the symmetrical giving and receiving of ideas. The abstract is most useful when made real.

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