The Nail Polish Conundrum…

Hello 🙂

Today I will take a look at a very frequent, yet always troublesome dilemma, namely the one between morality and utility. This conundrum arises when we are faced with a choice between giving up on some of our values, in order to gain some profit, or to stick with what we believe in, despite not making any physical gains. The sort of questions this rises are the following: Are my values for sale? Should a compromise be struck between me giving up some of my beliefs in order to gain this temporary profit? Should I refuse altogether? Should I simply ignore what I believe in because I’ll make some tangible gain out of it?

The problem, though, with these questions is that there is not one alternative which can be considered as having a better outcome than the others, as long as moral integrity is valued. But is it really more valuable than money?? One issue is that unlike money, it may be believed that one has to constantly act according to his/her values in order to be considered a virtuous person, whereas gains come and go. Is this reason enough to put the emphasis on moral beliefs, despite potential physical hardships??

Is exterior comfort or inner peace more beneficial?? The answer inevitably seems to be one I cannot answer by myself, for it is up to each of us to decide where we stand. The important part is simply to be aware of why we chose where we stand, empowering our position through proper justification, so that we can remain professional regardless of the colour of our nails!!

Until next time,



N.B. Upon revision of this article, I have concluded that identity is not constructed through whether or not our nails are painted, nor through justifications. If we have a goal, momentary adaptations might be necessary, which do not compromise who we are as people. This is so once we are stable enough in ourselves to be able to play with it, for identity if deeper than personality; I am, not like this or that, but I am, simply. Thus, our appearance, though it is a reflection of ourselves, can serve to illustrate more than just one aspect of us. So play with it 😉

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