Inside out…

Hello 🙂

There is something we all have in common, yet it is different for each and everyone of us. We could not escape it forever, which is perhaps for the best. The problem is, it’s all around us, and within. Oh, and it’s also the most widespread topic used to start a conversation: the temperature.

The temperature affects really everything, whether its our moods, our clothing, or even whether life is even possible. But what is it exactly?? Is it only the movement of particles creating heat or cold, depending on if they irradiated from the sun or are just floating in cold space?? Or perhaps a sort of universal energy which we can absorb and share?? Regardless of those possibilities, it is also something that comes from within us.

It is so because we have all found ourselves in situations in which our internal temperature changed of a sudden, with it having anything to do with the temperature we felt around us. We felt very hot all of a sudden, or very cold, and the sole reason for that was something happening in our heads, a sudden change of emotions, or reaction to an external event. This means that this is something our body can produce on its own…and which we can control ourselves, usually through meditation.

It is not an easily skill to learn, some people even devote their entire lives to it, but it is a larger topic which I will not get into here. Coming back to temperature now, it shapes our lives in countless ways, influencing us from the outside as well. Since we can individually control the temperature within us, could we maybe influence it as well?? That would make sense, because during a clash of cold and warm, the colder half becomes warmer, and the warmer half becomes colder. They balance each other out, plain and simple.

That could mean that we actually do have, or at least have the possibility too, influence the temperature we feel every single day, whether its for the better, of bringing to a level which we wont be able to balance our with out internal one. Of course we can rapidly adapt, we have done so ever since the first form of life appeared. This then leads to the inevitable dilemma of either making it our responsibility to regulate it, or to keep adapting to it, letting it run its course. We can do so more efficiently every day, technology developing itself ever faster. But can it protect us forever?? Or will we reach a point where it will fail, and the weather would just be too extreme for us?? It may not happen anytime soon, but that does not mean it never will…

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