Everything, but Nothing…

Hello 🙂

Today’s topic is very simple, while nonetheless being unbelievably intricate. It is all we ever have, all we ever will have, and the only thing which will sift through our hands the moment we think we can grasp onto it. Fleeting as the seconds on a clock, yet ever present as long as we are there to live it. We are often told to live within in, not to lose ourselves within the abstractions of times we cannot change, to focus only on what we have in front of us. All of this represents the one and only moment that truly matters: the Now.

It is everything we ever have because no matter how long we live or remain conscious we will be present in it, without possibility of escape. Yet very often, despite being right now, we dream about the future, or obsess with the past, both of which bring us deeply within the world in our heads, taking us away from the moment we live in. This is not to say that we should never plan ahead, or delve within our fondest memories to relive some joys long past, but simply that they should perhaps not become the sole focus in our lives, for then we forget what truly matters. It is not called the present without a reason, for it is where our presence may remain, in fact, it is the only place it ever could. It is also the exclusive realm of time on which we can have any kind of influence, since what we already lived is long gone, and what is yet to come cannot be reached, until it joins us in the Now.

Though the moment we believe we have finally made it to the future by living it in the present, it is already too late, for it has already become a part of our past. Therein lies the absurdity of the Now, and the reason why it is Nothing, and thus does not really matter after all. Once again, this is not to say that one should not care about it at all, just not drag along regrets, sadness, fear, or shame for all it takes is a little time, and they will be long gone, forever out of the nexus of causality which we may influence. Anything we choose to keep within us after it has past is nothing more than that, something we choose, though admittedly it is not easy to let go. The future is frightening as well, for we may never know what will happen, but why worry about something which is not around yet?? It sounds like a whole lot of trouble for something which we cannot run away from anyways.

All this to say that whether Lucy dispenses her wisdom from the diamond sky, or by falling off a tree and having to walk up straight, she will still only truly possess the most fleeting thing of all, the present moment. And the only thing we can do with that is enjoy the right now, keep a beautiful attitude, and not lose ourselves within the confines of the infinite time, which will forever remain all around us, despite being a universe away.

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Everything, but Nothing…

  1. great post Luca and timely for me to hear … pun kind of intended …. I thought the video at the end would just be a zero loop … know what I mean … nice stick figure dance


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