The New Dawn of Capitalism…

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The Venus Flytrap is a carnivorous plant, that quickly entraps a helpless fly simply looking for a place to land. Once the fly landed on, or the insect crawled into, the open mouth of the Venus Flytrap, it rapidly shuts itself, preventing the insect from ever getting out. Unless the captured insect is strong enough to break through and get out, the Venus Flytrap will then slowly start digesting the prisoner, melting it and absorbing the nutrients it needs for survival, leaving no chance for the poor little insect inside. After being done its digestion, nothing is left of the meal, it having been sucked dry by the Venus Flytrap.

This is very similar to the way capitalism works nowadays, though the capitalists have elaborated way better means of attraction than the immobile plant. Unlike the Venus Flytrap, they do not patiently sit around, hoping that some creature randomly falls into their trap, but rather tempt individuals with the possibilities of mind-blowing gains, and life-changing opportunities. The treasure hidden within the trap: money…lots and lots of money. The key to access it: hard work and perseverance. They offer people the world, making them believe that if they work for them, and give all they have, they will one day be as successful as the capitalists are themselves. Sounds too good to be true?? Sure does, and that’s because it also is.

The way the trap is set out is that they make the poor workers crave for an idealized lifestyle, in which everything they ever wished for will become reality, if only they are ready to wait a little bit for it, and spend all their energy working for the capitalists. This remains a key feature of capitalism, and hasn’t changed since its first apparition, though people are starting to wake up. They will not be satisfied with factory work anymore, but would rather prefer to make their own schedule, and incorporate a little of their own into the work. They want freedom, not as ready to give it up for a good income as they used to, and rightly so. But the capitalists understood that, and found a way to turn it to their own benefit, which is why a lot of sales jobs work by commission; the more money you make for me (the wealthy capitalist), the more you will get back!! It is even better if the workers are paid solely by commission, for then they do not cost anything, unless you (the wealthy capitalist) make some profit on their back. And the workers get to believe that they are free, that they are their own bosses, and that they get to decide. Freedom isn’t freedom, if the benefits of your hard work go into someone else’s pockets…which is why the capitalists will never tell you what the real secret to becoming filthy rich is: have others do all the work for you.

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