The Split…

Hello 🙂

Today’s topic is nothing noticeable from the outside, but solely plays within our heads, and is only perceptible by ourselves. It is a change that occurs over time, and for various reasons and is usually good, but may lead to some sad outcomes at times, especially when it starts affecting the people close to you. I’m talking about a change of perception, of the way one sees the world and oneself within it. It is easy to look around and only see what is shown to us, in fact, most of us do that most of the time. That also usually remains the same for all, with some slight variations on what attracts certain people, based on interest, personal taste, and so on.

We all live our own lives the way we want, but what if something caused us to radically change the way we see the world?? What if you see your delicious BigMac not as a tasty burger, but as a cocktail of chemicals, mixed with a hint of meat filled with hormones, and the tears of the cows grown on the meat farms?? What if your favourite sporting event turns out to be a masquerade covering up the political actions (or inactions…) of our leaders?? What if you see the rot underlying in our system, but get shunned for pointing it out?? How are you supposed to fill the void between you and your close ones that has been created by your new perception??

There is only so much one can do before things turn ugly and fights break out, because no one likes to be told the way they see the world is wrong. And who would want that to happen with the people most dear to them?? Maybe the solution is to keep pushing it slightly, not bringing it up too often or too intensely, but that might be hard, since our perception is all-encompassing. Perhaps one should drop it completely, letting the void be, and stretch some rope ladders over where commonalities remain, for regardless of what we are led to believe, we are all the same. How so?? Simply because we are all consciousness. But do we really have the power to change anything as big as someone else’s perception, if we ourselves can never be sure of the truth we claim?? The best thing to do, it seems, would be to try and hope that one day, the world will wake up, so that together, we can work at finding the answers that matter, so we can harmonize the world, together.
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