Coming of Age…

Hello ūüôā

Amongst all the things over which we do not have control over, one prominently stands out when we look at ourselves as humans, and that is that we constantly get older. More specifically, our bodies are, and we might fight as hard as we ever could, but it is still inevitable. Which is why it is often advised to stay a child inside, or at least keep a childish sense of marvel and curiosity, in order to keep the possibility of being happy about the little things. This draws another line between being an adult and being a child, bringing us to the existence of a biological difference and an emotional difference between the two extremes.

It would then be reasonable to assume that another difference would be a social one, since we become adults legally at a definite age, which is defined by the law of where we live. Once that happens, we are granted more rights, for example, voting, drinking alcohol, owning firearms, and watching pornography. Yet, there is nothing within our modern society that acknowledges that, no is there even proper education on it. It just so happens one day, and pouf! we’re adults.

What does being an adult even mean?? We suddenly have all these extra accountabilities, and are allowed to do more things, but is there really nothing more to it?? Perhaps we become adults when we realize that what we decide what we do with our lives. It is also possible that we may just never become adults, because we never fit within the mould of the serious adult. This shows again that there are so many things associated with being an adult, that an arbitrary age limit seems quite unreasonable, especially since we are not even shown what it is to be an adult, at least not within society.

Furthermore, what does it say about a society that its coming of age ritual consists of being granted some rights, without actually being prepared for them?? Are we even prepared for ourselves as adults?? We have lost a ritual which could ease the transition from limited child to fully responsible adult, and this lack even may have detrimental effects on the emotional aspect of being an adult, to name only one side. Becoming an adult really is a very intricate topic, and it seems unwise to let it simply happen within a society, without the people necessarily being ready for it. It shall have to be inquired into further!!

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