You Are Sunshine…

Hello 🙂

If we believe in the Big Bang, then, despite our countless millennia of chemical transformation, we would be nothing more than the same physical components that make up the stars and planets in our universe. Yet that leads us to wonder if we would then also have the same properties as those celestial bodies, for example emitting heat or pulling other bodies towards us. It would be safe to assume that there is at least the possibility for it, even though we may now appear completely different than the planet on which we’re walking (but are we really??). If this is correct and we are also able to generate heat, for example, would our consciousness then be able to have an impact on this capacity?? This is a perfectly reasonable question to ask, since us possessing a certain level of consciousness seems to be, at first glance, one of the main differences between ourselves and the stars.

It has already been demonstrated that our bodies can change temperature by themselves, without a direct change in ambient temperature by a group of scientists from Aalto University, which can be found here. In their experiment, they saw that different emotions will have various effects on the many parts of the body, some emotions activating certain body parts, while others cool it down. Arguably, emotions are not exactly under our control, but this experiment nonetheless allows us to claim that we have the innate capacity to influence our inner temperature, thus we must also be able to do so consciously.

So perhaps this would mean that just like the celestial bodies, we would be able to irradiate heat from our bodies, or even cold, influencing other physical bodies around us. If we are able to do so consciously, we could always come to a point where it would be possible to reproduce emotions, simply by balancing our body to the proper temperature. If this were to be through, then it could completely revolutionize the approach taken to heal certain mental illnesses, such as depression or anxiety, for people could learn to control and regulate themselves instead of relying on a cocktail of overpriced chemicals with numerous side-effects. Maybe this is all to bring us back towards meditation, since it is believed one can directly influence one’s body temperature through this practice.

Us being able to freely alter our body temperature could have tremendous repercussions on the people around us as well, because just like the sun finally shining after a long winter, we could go around spreading heat and warming others, or just as easily cooling ourselves down and sucking up the heat of others. Which brings us back to the contagiousness of emotions, and why we must be wary of how we feel, and how it may influence others, thus influencing ourselves in return. But in the end, it’s not all that important, for we are simply floating around in endless space and just like the rock on which we’re standing, emotions are never static.

Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed, our bodies glow warmly when we are happy, just like the sun in the sky above us, so keep on shining little sun, so that others can feel your heat!!

Until next time,


Credit: Figure 2 in this study.

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