Space Man…

Hello 🙂

I would like to share a little wisdom that I learned in Space, meaning that it will not be an in-depth analysis of any topic, but rather a little enlightenment about what a very famous but often misunderstood sentence/advice actually means. The saying is the following:

Go with the Flow. 

Right away, this simple sentence seems problematic because we must firstly understand what is meant by the Flow. The flow in itself is not something tangible with which we can interact easily, it is something that simply is. It is the constant progression of all things surrounding us. This means that it is outside of us, and not something over which we can have any control over.

Nonetheless, we are a part of it, which implies that our role within it can influence the way it goes, simply by being present. Which is exactly why we can be either on or off the flow, both of which will affect our lives as well as the external world in different ways. But what does it mean to be on the flow?? For surely it is not tangible like a river, where all we have to do is to take a boat, sit in it and let us be carried away by the moving waters.

Being on the flow consists of following our inner voice, a.k.a intuition, while keeping our thoughts, desires, and spiritual self in balance, without letting one overtake the others. We should think, but not lose ourselves in fantasies, desire without letting our passions take control of us, and be true to ourselves, while being able to let go and discover something new, which we would never have expected.

Letting go is also an important part of this whole flow, because we have to stop trying to take control of every single aspect in our lives, and believe that some things will simply work out by themselves. But beware, by this I do not mean to remain passive at all times, for one has to actively remain within it. Letting go only has to do with our thoughts, which tend to increase exponentially the more we pay attention to them, and to believe that things will work out well, if we give them the chance.

All this to say that it is important in life to take a deep breath, listen to what we keep telling ourselves, and continually move forward without hesitation, hoping for the best whilst being prepared for the worst, knowing that in the end everything is going to be all right.

Until next time,



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