Deep inside…

Hello 🙂

There is something within us all, that we could never fully escape, no matter how hard we try. It is there from the beginning to the end, an inevitability of our subjectivity. There are many ways to describe it, indeed, as many as there are people in the world, if not even more. Sometimes we forget about it, being able to lose ourselves in the outside world, but it can come back at any time to eat us up from the inside. 

A dark cloud deep inside
It grows, you cannot hide
You want to break through
But it is part of you

It is the loneliness that comes with the fact that we are forever isolated within the world in our heads, left alone with our demons. It is the various pains we have lived through, that accumulated, covering us in darkness, leaving us scarred and scared. Connection is hard to find, hard to maintain, and even harder to deepen to a point where we truly feel connected to someone or something. It is a long path to walk to accept this loneliness, and the dark clouds gather as quickly as mosquitos at dusk. The more there are, the harder it gets to reach what lies inside, what rests in the middle of this darkness. As they increase, so does our pain, our feeling of disconnection, that no one understands us, that we really are all alone…sorry to break it to you, but actually:

You are not alone!!

In fact, everyone has that…EVERY.PERSON you’ll ever meet had to face this at some point or another, some dealing with it better than others, but it still remains as widespread as our need for air. Which is why one of the best ways to really know another person is to have lived the same pain they have. Connection through pain is the strongest, right after connection through love. Which is why we see people come together after horrible cataclysms, whether natural or artificial. Pain is strong, and it is forever a part of us.

Deep within the cloud of darkness, there is a core of light. There is the true you, the one hidden under all the darkness, under all the pain. It is hard to let yourself shine, for we are afraid that it would only hurt more, that the darkness will keep accumulating. The only way to overcome the layers of darkness and of pain is to reconnect with ourselves, the shining self that we keep inside, because it is just as much a part of us, and is always with us. Once we create this connection, and keep it strong, it is all we ever need, for we will always have it. Perhaps letting it shine is what has always been meant by enlightenment. This golden core can break through the dark clouds, like the the rays of the moon at night, piercing the sky and illuminating our path. This golden core is you. Hold on to it, and the darkness will eventually dissipate. Stay strong, and shine on!!
Blow the dark away
So that you can stay
Near the light within
And let the beauty in
Until next time, 

2 thoughts on “Deep inside…

  1. From the deep realisation that we are all one shines the brightest and most warmfull light.
    From the realisation that each and all of our experiences in this world are unique and are the expressions of our essence, the real definition of our true selves, gives the deepest and most meaningful sense and direction to our lives.
    Feeling alone, separated, is part of the illusion we have to live through to be able to express ourselves, to be able to define ourselves. But it remains only an illusion that can only serve it's real purpose once is discovered the unity and connections of all things.

    Do we take the time, each day, to ask 'Why and what do I want to express as my highest and purest self?”.
    We search for joy and content. If only we'd stop forgetting we already found it.!

    Love Mister Luca. And all.


  2. Feeling alone may only be an illusion, though it does lead to quite the feeling of emptiness at times, which is hard to overcome. I agree that it is most important to always be in tune with our higher self in all we do, though even that may not always take away the emptiness. Do you have any advice of how to fill the void, for I find it hard at times to shine while isolated?? The disconnection spiral is a tricky one, it sucks one in easily, but breaking free from it is hard, for one must go against the negative flow, like swimming upstream a fast-paced river…

    Thank you for your beautiful comment Adonai, and much love and light to you!!


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