You gotta feel the vibe, man…

Hello 🙂

Being in synch with others is not an easy thing. Sometimes we simply don’t feel what is going on around us, we end up as observers rather than participants. We are “off the bus” as Ken Kesey would have said. There are a few things which help with being part of a group vibe, one of which is to not be oblivious to one’s surroundings. 

More than just the physical space we navigate in, it is important to be aware of the emotional and energetic vibrations we walk around in, for the will influence us, and vice versa, since they resemble gravitational waves, oscillating together, changing each other. Exactly like when you drop a rock in water, and then another rock a little beside it, the waves mix and merge.

Emotions are contagious, as we can easily see when laughing or yawning, because it is highly likely that another person in the room will do so as well, and so it goes when there’s a sudden awkward moment shared by all those present in a certain conversation for example. We can feel what others do because of the overlapping in our energetic fields, since our body exteriorizes whatever’s going on inside, even without our conscious consent!! This is as true for one side as the other, since feeling like one is part of something shared with the one’s around makes for a warm feeling to emanate, a feeling of love and joy, while feeling disconnected and alone leaves one cold and distant, thus cooling the energies of the surrounding people.

Just as is the case with the seeable universe (depicted above) the pockets of temperature and energy all over influence each other, since the contact is constantly maintained. Which is also why it is important to stay alert as to what kind of mood is setting itself around us, and how it will influence us, and vice versa. Stay aware and ride the flow, for only thus will we get to wherever we were meant to be.

Until next time,


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