Twirly-swirly Confusion…

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Life, eh…quite the confusing this, is it not?? What are we supposed to do, what should we not do, what path should we take, should we kiss her/him or not, what should we eat for supper…so many choices to make all the time, and so little guidelines to follow. School doesn’t really teach us anything about life itself, being to focused to burning some facts into our brains which may or may not be useful, but rarely are we forced to look life in the eyes, and really face the reality of it.

And what may that reality be?? Well, for that, we have to go back to the basics, i.e. we are conscious beings living a physical life. Why do I claim this is the basic state we live in?? Simply because if we stop eating, drinking or sleeping, we’ll end up ranging somewhere between crazy and dead, for our biological machine needs fuel and rest to keep on going, just like any other machine out there. But those are simply our requirements to keep on living, though they are to be examined more in depth, because nutrition is vital for the proper functioning of our bodies, and it also has variable effects on the environment, which are not to be overlooked.

Though, for now, the focus will come back to our lives, more than our bodies. The next step that comes with our reality as conscious physical beings is that we can feel. We can feel pain and pleasure, cold and warm, we can feel emotions, and we can feel a soft blanket or a hug. We can feel the wind blowing through our hair, and we can feel the stress of overworking and the pressure of responsibilities. We feel the confusion that comes with living, the distress at not having any answers, and the lack of fulfilment at having to fit in a preset box. I see feelings as physical perceptions, because even when it comes to emotions, our body feels them just as much as our mind. Our body reacts to something external, and thus, we feel that something.

Perhaps this is the way we should live our lives. In accordance with what we feel, for we are bodies, but this is hard to apply, or even to phantom, for what would a society look like where everybody only did like they felt like?? Surely it would be chaos, madness, anarchy…but how bad would that really be?? I suppose this would come down to the education every person received, and I do not mean school eduction, but rather knowledge about life, cohesion, harmony, and peace. I believe very few people are inherently bad, for everyone prefers to feel good when they can choose between that or pain.

The best way to feel good about ourselves and our lives is perhaps to live it in accordance with what we truly desire, with what we believe in. How to do this?? Get to know yourself. We always hear about people running away trying to find themselves, facing a mid-life crisis because they have been doing what they should, and not what they want, trying to fit in a mould which is comfortable, but not satisfying. Perhaps that is what life is really about…getting to know oneself as a conscious physical being, and trying to feel everything to the fullest…

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