When I Grow Up…

Hello 🙂

So what is it we are really after while growing up?? Throughout our whole childhood, all we crave for, desire, and aspire to is to finally become an adult, to be responsible for our own decisions, to become master of our fate. Yet it doesn’t take very long once we cross over this line that all those desires vanish, and all we end up wanting again is to be children again, not having to worry about responsibilities or life-altering decisions. Once we become adults, there’s no turning back, and the load of work that comes with being grown-up is an ever increasing one which we would gladly get rid of. Yet this begs the question, what are we really looking for when wanting to grow up, and on the flip side, what is it that we would like to regain once we’re adults??

The answer to both those questions is the same: freedom. All that we ever aim for, whether consciously or not, is to be free. Free from choices, free from responsibilities, free to control our own lives, free to eat what we want, and so on. This freedom of control, being the masters of one’s own life is what is sought throughout the teenage years (childhood is usually unworried about growing up, being lucky enough to be mostly focused in the present), in order to break away from the oppression of parents so that one can take charge of him-/herself.

Yet this usually doesn’t last, since once one faces the real world, it doesn’t take long to be crushed by responsibilities, worries, money, bills, work, choices, you name it. Being an adult isn’t as glamourous and easy-going as is envisioned as a teenager, so the transition is usually accompanied by a shock, and a dear wish to come back which may maintain itself indefinitely. But why desire to come after finally reaching something that was wanted for so long?? The answer: freedom from worry. Being in control of one’s life brings an incredible amount of responsibilities with it, or at least that is what society seems to pressure us into. But the beauty of being an adult is that you are in control of your life. This means that it can be as worrisome or care-free as you make it!!

This leads us to the next step in the quest for freedom. Instead of stopping at being an adult, or at least at what society tells us an adult is, one can seek even further, to break free from those requirements of life, and actually choose one’s own path. We usually stop once we reached the societal level of being “grown-up”, but is that really where our lives should remain?? If we are really seeking freedom, shouldn’t we push it to its limits, including breaking free from social dogma?? This is the step often (but not always!!) overlooked, and the one which may bring us even closer to the much-desired state of freedom. Letting others dictate your freedom for you will simply bring about the responsibilities you will owe them in exchange, instead of pursuing this quest for yourself, leaving you trapped at someone else’s mercy, within someone else’s ideals. 
Living for someone else is not your path as a subjective consciousness. 
It is not your path as a free being. 
You are as free as you let yourself, so grab it with both hands, 
hold on to it as hard as you can, and live free.

Until next time,