Bon Apétit…

Hello 🙂

There is a very famous saying that goes as follows: We are what we eat. This saying couldn’t be any closer to the truth, even though it is often (jokingly) associated with us being pigs, cows, or chicken if we eat meat. Or that we should convert to cannibalism in order to remain human. Obviously none of these options are actually being applied to our realities, nor are they literally accurate, but behind every joke remains some truth. The truth in this case is exactly that, we become what we eat, not over night, be through the endless regeneration of the vast majority of the cells within our bodies.

This post does not seek to push any kind of specific diet on anyone, since it is up to each and every person to decide what they put into their bodies, so there won’t be spark lit in the explosive room of veganism, vegetarianism, omnivorism, or the aforementioned cannibalism. What will be brought to light though is that our body takes in everything we put in our mouths and swallow, absorbing what it can or need, and evacuating the rest. But that is common knowledge. What this also means is that the building blocks our bodies get in order to renew the dying cells within ourselves come from whatever source enters our bodies, whether it be sunlight (sun-gazing anyone?), an apple, or a bag of chips. Those nutritious (or not so much) aliment are what the building blocks are made out off, so in a way, if one were to eat only pizza for a long enough time, one would be build out of pizza nutriments exclusively, so you better make sure you get different kinds, and not always pepperoni-mushroom.

This absorption makes sense, and so we can leave the physical level at that. Where things get a little more interesting is when you look at the meat you eat, because it is composed of living cells which store more than what is perceptible to the eye. Just as our body gets scarred physically, so are our emotions registered in the physical part of ourselves, and there is no reason why it would be any different for animals. This becomes relevant when we look at the current meat-production industry, and the quality of life that those animals have. This life is usually filled with pain, disease, sadness, fear, and enormous quantities of stress, which means that all those negative emotions are also registered within their muscles, organs, and fat, i.e. the parts which we enjoy consuming. So we are not only eating the physical meat from the animal in question, but also taking in all the emotions that it has lived beforehand, whether negative or positive, and those emotions could have an impact on us (always depending on one’s sensibility to such phenomena, of course)…and the same goes for the plants we eat too, since it is believed they are sentient as well!!

Last but not least, the intention we have while eating might also be a contributing factor of the benefices we get from what we are ingesting, so it may be interesting to look at the reasons why we want to eat a certain food (chips and junk food vs fruits and the like), whether it be for escape (junk food makes you feel “happy”), nutrition, or tasty pleasure. That is for everyone to see for themselves though, since we are the masters of whatever we may put in our mouths. So I will leave it at this and go get a snack.

Until next time,