At least you tried…

Hello 🙂

          There has always been this ineffable divide between thinking about doing something, and actually doing it. Considering a certain action is easy, because all it requires is to think about it, imagine the possible outcomes, and hope things work out that way. Yet this does not allow the action itself to be actualized, for it is only reflected upon, and thus still remains within the confines of our minds. The separation occurring between the thought and the action is not an simple one to overcome, since they have to do with two completely different realms, the first being the comfort of our own imagination, while the latter happens in the real world, and has usually to do with others.
          As usual, the moment other individuals are taken into consideration, there will be a part of unknowable mystery surrounding the action, for we are forever cut off from the thoughts of those other people. This makes it slightly difficult to interpret their intentions and desires, and especially the way we should act (or not) towards them. A clear example of this complication is possible romantic or sexual interest. How can one know whether or not another person is interested in them or if they are being creeped out by your show of interest?? Body language goes a long way to help evaluate the situation, and so does the spoken language, but one can never actually figure it out without trying (to be understood as asking in this case).
          This may, of course, lead to the possibility of trying too much, which may then lead to awkward and uncomfortable feelings, and even to rejection, which may be hurtful, but will inevitably happen at some point. The secret simply seems to be to try anyways, and actually do the action instead of simply thinking about it. Acting on one’s desires removes this unknown, and prevents the over-thinking of the mind, which always leads to doubt. The same applies to other areas of one’s life, and not just the romantic or sexual aspects of interpersonal relationships. The gap between thinking and doing can solely be crossed by trying, for only then can we make the unknown known.
 Even though you never know
Just take a chance and let it flow
Until next time,

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