Depths of Interactions….

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Every time we meet someone new, it is a completely novel experience, for every person is different. Yet, despite the words being so disparate, there is still a certain depth which can be attribute to every conversation. What is meant by depth involves a few factors, such as ease of interaction, body language, topic(s) of discussion, and so on. It is interesting to observe that even though they evolve over time, whether willingly or not, conversations with certain people will remain at a certain depth forever, while others will skip what could be seen as the progressive steps of a relationship leading to deeper interactions.

The most famous of the various kinds of interactions is small talk. We are all very familiar with it, and perform it daily, maybe out of social necessity, or maybe because it is the easiest way to slightly interact with another. Small talk always remains superficial, and seems to be more dictated by societal norms of how the question and answer process has to go along. They usually start with the traditional “Hey, you!”, followed by greeting from the other person, which then asks how the first person is doing. The most frequent answer is then “good, how about you?” or any variations, and the good will be repeated by the first person again. Even if they were lying about actually feeling well, it is of no importance, because neither of them actually cares that much, and would usually prefer not to be bothered by a rant or some complaining. After this, the conversation will either break up, and keep going, but feeling forced from both sides. Occasionally, small talk will evolve to become more personal, but only if both individuals put the effort into it.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, there is a very rare instance of interaction which does not follow the progression of depth, because right from the beginning it is already very personal and familiar. There are always some people which we may meet and with whom conversations comes like a second nature, where the looks, the touches, the words, all of it feels like it has happened before, like we had known this person forever. This is a terribly interesting subject of exploration, for we can never be sure exactly of why it happens this way. Perhaps our souls knew each other in another life, perhaps we share certain similarities with the other person, or perhaps it is simply a coincidence. Yet even when facing the unknown, this depth of interaction is the most profound, for it transcends words, and reaches right to the inner core of both participants. Since we have no power over its occurrence, all we can do is bask in it while it happens, and enjoy the trip within ourselves, through the other.

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