Act of Presence

When diluting the crust around the teachings on transformation that are transmitted to us, we get to a core which can be easily remembered and applied: presence.

Presence is nothing more than the state of existing, so really anything can be present. We are present in the physical world through our bodies, we are present to the thoughts we have, and the glass of water is present on the table. In the context of self-transformation, being with [a feeling, a person, an idea, etc] comes down to being aware of the existence of whatever it is we are present with.

This awareness can have multiple layers and depths, for example, being present with a person. I can be physically present by sitting next to that person, I can be present to what she is trying to communicate by listening to them, and I can be present to the way they feel by sensing my own body.

Through the contagious nature of our emotions and inner states, simply being in the presence of another person and being open to what they emit allows us to tune into their vibrations leading our bodies to imitate their feelings. Through this, we can then simply check into our own bodies to have an idea of what they’re feeling. We reflect one another, so the same goes for them as well.

Pushing this one step further inwards, we can also be present to our own patterns and sensual flow, meaning that we can be aware to the way our thoughts develop, as well as the way the sensations within our body change. The truth is we are always aware of both of those aspects of our being at all times, the nuance comes from the subtlety to which we tune in, which allows a certain depth to be reached. Through this depth we can explore our core mechanisms and how they may affect us in our daily lives. This gives us the possibility to then transform the parts of us which don’t support our state or our wishes, opening up space for a new emergence.

The easiest way to transform is simply by doing nothing. Bringing the awareness and offering a moment of presence to what is within us allows that part to be acknowledged and thus brought closer to our conscious realm, like a tab opened on our browser. We might not address it directly right away, nor do we necessarily have to, but once we see and we know what is, we have the choice to act on it or not.

Doing nothing is not necessarily true, because the act of presence itself has a few requirements to meet the transformational depth necessary for the processes to continue. Those requirements are as follows:

  • Acceptance: A state of non-judgement to what is, accepting anything which we might find through our exploration.
    • e.g. I feel hunger. I know I will be able to eat later on, so I can release fears attached to it, and don’t need to be angry because of it.
  • Focus: The enduring state of remaining with the flow that is happening, not jumping from one trail to the other.
    • e.g. I look at you while to talk to me. My attention is on what you are communicating, not on my unrelated thoughts or phone.
  • Openness: A state of openness towards any sensations, feelings, or thoughts which may arise in the process.
    • e.g. I’m open to lean something new. I will listen to what you have to say through your framework, as much as I can, being aware of my own biases and detaching from them.

This is what will allow the transformational process to go on by itself, since we work on maintaining this state of presence until it is completed, even if just for a moment.

There are different dimensions into which we can then refine our state of presence which will then influence the way we perceive life on a daily basis, as well as how we act within those new dimensions.

An easy way to experience this is to integrate the idea that everything is connected to everything else. This provides the opening necessary to start reflecting on the patterns that are happening within our lives and the universe at large. Fractals are an example of this, as well as morphic resonance. To facilitate the integration process, a certain degree of self-confidence is necessary since it plays a lot on the feelings, sensations, and intuitions which may arise, and the best person to validate those is ourselves.

This requires great clarity, though allowing the process of clarification itself to happen is a most wonderful step to begin with, and so we are opening our conscious experience to welcoming the transformations that need to happen by opening up the space for them to exist and acknowledged.

As a final note also, the most wonderful gift we can give to another person is simply being present with them when they need a presence, the simple act of being there speaks louder and deeper than the words we can use, the gifts we might give, or the illusion of presence we provide by not being attentive to the moment.

So go out, stay in, be present, and explore the depths ~*~

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