What is Love…

To you with love, 

Love is the biggest mystery,
It is also said to be the key,
To elevate us, to be free,
And as we bask in it, to be happy

Yet to feel it universally,
Or even very personally,
So that it touches us deeply,
Can be tediously tricky
Emotions come from within,
To express them is no sin,
Though how can we ever be certain,
That we are not hiding behind a curtain
What we truly are is hard to tell,
We have to decipher it, without a spell,
                    There are no guidelines, no recipes,
Towards the path that may bring us peace
We walk alone this twisted road,
Hoping it will lead us abode,
There are no signs, nor shining lights,
So we keep walking, through darkest nights

Progression must be made,
From stagnation be afraid,
For once we stall,
We lose it all
For either up or down,
Wearing sandals or a crown,
We must go forward,
Having something to reach toward
Otherwise we may lay on the ground,
And fall asleep, safe and sound,
Waking up is the hardest thing,
For we’ll have to face the pain within
So keep going, beautiful being,
Soon, the light you will be seeing,
With a giant smile across your face,
You will have finally found your place
You’ll be surrounded by a glow,
And time will be passing, oh so slow,
Every second an eternity,
So you can live it all, so merrily
Until then, stand up strong,
Make your way through the throng,
Help others when you can,
For thus it all began
We truly are connected,
And in your smile will be reflected,
The same emotions we all feel,
Together, making this world ideal


Yours truly, 
The Path Less Traveled – pinkparis1233 (http://www.deviantart.com/art/The-Path-Less-Traveled-148928554)