These are the services offered by myself in the physical world:

Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is a practice during which we purposefully laugh in order to bring afinal-logo-orangebout the same benefits as spontaneous laughter. A session consists of a variety of games and activities to call on different kinds of laughter, followed by a short meditation session to integrated this happiness. Every session lasts about an hour and can be done with any number of participants.

Some of the benefits of Laughter Yoga include: reduced stress and tension, emotional relief and increased happiness, creates connections with others, reinforces the immune system, opens the heart, and increases self-esteem.

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Meditative Labyrinths

 Meditative labyrinths have been around for millennia, and even famous philosophers such as Aristotle used to practice walking meditation. The reason is, that meditation needs not only to be done sitting withouLabyrinth_28t moving, for our brain operates even as we are walking around. As you can see in the image besides here, there is only one way in the labyrinth, so one can get to the center simply by keeping a focus on the path being walked. This point of focus allows to clear the mind of everything else, so all one needs to do is breath and walk the path.

This is the perfect exercise for anyone who has troubles focusing while staying immobile, whose minds get agitated easily, who want to experience an accessible form of meditation, or who simply enjoy walking. I can set up temporary ones or build more permanent ones at your location, if you so desire.

Focused Meditation Sessions

In these meditation sessions, we will combine several practices in order to really focus on what needs to be worked on, using a multi-levelled solution instead of an unilateral approach. This includes mudras (Finger Yoga), breathing exercises, induction exercises, full-conscience, shamanic rituals, body stretches, energy channeling, and a supportive snack, all of which serve to help you feel better. The goal of these sessions is not as much a one time benefice de1363708913_Meditational as a sharing of tools one can use by oneself in order to develop a daily practice of happiness.

These sessions include a free preliminary meeting in order to discuss what needs to be focused on, in the case of individual sessions, though group session can also be done. A group intention will be necessary for those events, and every participant can have his/her own with regards to that common one. These sessions are beneficial to everyone, regardless of environment, personality, gender, age, or any other differentiation one could find. The exercises are versatile enough to even be done with children, for meditation is a good habit to develop at a young age.

*All prices are negotiable, and trades are always welcome*

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